2018 Lodge, Guests, Scenery and Wildlife Photos:

These are just a few wildlife and scenery photos featuring Black Bear, Wolves, Whitetail Deer, Loons and more. We have more photos posted off-site at our account at Shutterfly

If you have been a guest of Oak Island Resort and would like to have your photos in our photo galleries please email them to us

The first photo below features a Fisher. This animal is a smaller cousin of the Wolverine and just as fierce. They are also related to Pine Martens and Minks, which all are part of the weasel family. They are a nocturnal animal and it is extremely rare to see them during the day let alone get a picture of one. Fishers generally hunt at night and their main target is squirrels up in the trees but they will eat anything and will come down to the ground to hunt rabbits and other critters. They have a very distinct call, which sounds like a baby crying.

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