Lake of the Woods Minnesota Northern Pike Fishing:

Northern Pike Northern Pike are not only a ferocious ambush predator, which grow to great sizes, they are also a delicious tasting fish when they are still relatively small. Many people think Northern Pike are similar to Musky but they usually display distinct personalities and preferences. Typically Northern Pike are more aggressive with larger pike displaying a clear preference for cool water temperatures.

Lake of the Woods has a history of producing big Northern Pike and Oak Island Resort is located in one of the top areas with guests catching and releasing trophy pike every season. We are located on the Minnesota / Ontario border, so properly licensed guests can fish both American and Canadian waters should they choose.

A Brief Look at Northern Pike Through the Season

The Northern Pike season is open year-round on both the Minnesota and Ontario portions of Lake of the Woods. In early spring, Northern Pike can typically be found in shallow weedy bays and shorelines. Spoons, spinnerbaits and crankbaits excel at this time.

As the water warms and the season progresses, many pike will seek out the protection and shade of weed beds with larger pike typically preferring the deeper weed lines. Pike are ambush predators, so casting just outside of the weed edge can be an effective technique. Of course, not all Pike will be related to weeds, so be sure to fish points extending into main lake basins. Spoons, spinnerbaits and crankbaits still rule the day, with these lures increasing in size as the season progresses.

Once the water begins to cool, the larger Pike move shallower chasing spawning ciscos/tulibees. Trolling large crankbaits along shorelines becomes the preferred method for catching these toothy predators.

If you love Northern Pike fishing and are on a mission to catch a trophy, Oak Island Resort is a perfect base for your fishing adventure as our island is surrounded by fantastic Northern Pike habitat and guests can get right into some awesome fishing without having to travel too far.