Lake of the Woods Minnesota Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth Bass, pound-for-pound, are most widely regarded as the hardest fighting freshwater fish in North America. Their fight and jumping abilities is what draws many people to Lake of the Woods for their fishing vacation. They are known for fighting straight down with fury only to change direction and come flying out of the water. They are also called Smallies and Bronzebacks. It does not matter what you call them, they are a ton of fun to catch especially on 8lb test line and spinning gear. If you are new to Smallmouth Bass fishing and find the fish shallow you can expect a very exciting fishing trip when you come to Oak Island Resort.

Around Oak Island the Smallmouth Bass fishing is exceptional. The bass like a rocky structure and with an abundance of islands and rocky shoreline in close proximity to Oak Island, Smallmouth Bass enthusiast will be in heaven. Oak Island is on the Minnesota / Ontario border so with the appropriate licenses guests can fish both American and Canadian waters. You have access to thousands of acres of water filled with small to large islands as well as mid-lake reefs and shoals. Rocky points facing big open water is the prime place to fish smallmouth Bass and there are many such hotspots.

A Brief look at Smallmouth Bass Through the Season

The Smallmouth Bass season is open year-round on both the Minnesota and Ontario portions of Lake of the Woods (the season is catch and release only in May and June on the Ontario portion of the lake). In May through early June, depending on ice-out and water temperature, bass can be found in shallow bays and protected shallow shoreline for spawning. Areas with sand and different sized rock seem to produce the best. Try fan-casting small crankbaits and spinnerbaits across these areas. For finicky bass, it is tough to beat a jig and twister tail or a Senko worm.

As the season progresses, bass move away from spawning areas, taking up residence along rubble strewn shorelines, points, and main lake humps and reefs. Casting crayfish, imitating lures, and other smaller crankbaits will help you cover water and locate active fish. Once active fish have been found, you can slow down and cast a jig and plastic to entice the neutral bass into biting. At this time of year, it is also not unusual to catch smallmouth with a jig and minnow or while pulling a spinner rig and nightcrawler when fishing the reefs for walleye.

Once the water begins to cool in the fall, smallmouth begin to move to their deeper wintering holes. Spinner rigs and jigs are your best bet for catching smallmouth this time of year.

Whether you are new to Smallmouth Bass fishing or a seasoned pro, you will love staying at Oak Island Resort because we have a high population of fish and lots of Smallmouth Bass structure just a short boat ride from our dock.